Who we are
We started Naked Pizza with one objective to create a pizza that Ireland could claim as its own. Naked Pizza is about enjoyment first and foremost. When you decide to have pizza, you want to enjoy yourself and feel full and satisfied, you want tasty pizza that just makes you feel better.

Our Unique Base
We have created a unique blend of flour to make our base, using ancient grains such as Amranth and Spelt amongst others that make it so much easier to digest and don’t leave you with that awful, bloated feeling that most other pizzas do.

Our Sauce
We use the finest tomatoes, herbs and spices to create our signature sauce

Our Cheese
We only use the finest Mozzarella all produced in Ireland and Italy

Freshly Chopped Veg
All our veg is chopped fresh instore to ensure the highest quality pizza every time.
Meat Toppings
Our meats are sourced from the finest producers in both Ireland and Italy. We believe that Naked Pizza means less guilt and more pleasure.

Ancient Grains
The Whole Grains Council, generally define ancient grains as grains that are largely unchanged over the last several hundred years.
This means that modern wheat (constantly bred and changed) is not an ancient grain, while einkorn, emmer/farro, Kamut®, and spelt would be considered ancient grains in the wheat family. Heirloom varieties of other common grains — such as black barley, red and black rice, blue corn — might also be considered ancient grains. Other grains largely ignored until recently by Western palates (such as sorghum, teff, millet, quinoa, amaranth) would also be widely considered to be ancient grains. Sometimes less common grains, like buckwheat, or wild rice, are also included.